Your key to the german market – easy, fast, professional.

We are a young and dynamic wholesale company and sales representative located in Germany, specialized in distributing new and innovative products from international companies with focus on sports- technology- and lifestyle goods.

We just love brilliant products and creative solutions with an outstanding design - simply technologies which are made to make life easier, safer, better and more joyful.

And our passion is to share those fantastic innovations trough our network with the people in Germany and to establish the rising companies behind that products.

Further more we are about to run a new online shop for that kind of products which will be available soon at


We are watching out constantly for brand new and high potential products from the lifestyle- and technology segment – products which are revolutionary, offer great experiences and generate never seen before benefits.


We invest a lot of passion and lifeblood in what we do and the products we sell. That is the reason why we are going to represent only those with whom we can identify ourselves.


We believe the way to a successful cooperation is build up in a close, friendly, transparent, trusting and fair handling relationship, combined with a self perceived enthusiasm for the product.


We are originally from wholesale and maintain excellent contacts to leading german retail chains. We care for our network very well because this is our biggest value. And we would love to bring it into your business.




Agile and competently sales team with strong knowledge about the german market and the international start up culture in general.

We dissect the german market and help you to enter it, boost your expansion, build up your reach and capture market shares. Easy, fast, professional.

We take care of our customers needs and are willing to make them 100% happy with your products. So we build up trust in you and your brand.


We negotiate fair contracts which are coincide with european laws.

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We offer strong knowledge. It is valuable for every expanding company to have native speakers on board. On the one hand it will ease negotiation processes and on the other hand the language and knowledge about the mentality of a country are vital to building up strong business partnerships.

We have spend years gathering and building up a well-tailored network of wholesalers and retail chains providing us with close partnerships and essential experiences in this segment.

Everyone is hard working in this business, but we want to take it to another level. We focus on handpicked products to create a high quality and well-balanced portfolio of goods that we can offer our network and potential costumers.

It is of high importance to us to establish long-lasting and for both sides beneficial partnerships.

We are a Start-Up ourselves and know what young companies are going through. With every stage new challenges appear and we want to help you overcome them all and grow jointly. It is of crucial importance for us that you see us not just as a partner but as a friend over here in Germany that helps you create and establish something great.

Our work is not limited to sales. Throughout the process we will get to know you and your business better and will share our thoughts and critics with you.


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